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Medicover Tech is part of Medicover Group of Companies - a leading international Healthcare and Diagnostic Services company founded in 1995 ( Medicover Group is operating many ambulatory clinics, hospitals, special care facilities and laboratories on large markets such as Germany, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and India.

Medicover Tech delivers software services across the Medicover Group, transforming business requirements into advanced software products and features. This strategic approach significantly enhances the delivery of medical care to patients, ensuring Medicover remains at the forefront of healthcare innovation and service excellence.

The software solutions provided by Medicover Tech cater to a wide array of needs, serving patients, medical staff, corporate clients and supporting departments.

For our Healthcare Services division, our products support operations by making it easier for doctors to keep records and for clinics or hospitals to manage their work. Companies can enroll employees in health plans easily, while patients can manage appointments online. Our system helps clinics offer services and handle patients’ needs efficiently.

In our Diagnostics Services division, utilizing our products, the patients and doctors can access laboratory test results and order medical services online. Additionally, our corporate solution streamlines order placement and result delivery for partners, while our laboratory software ensures efficient lab operations and equipment integration.

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